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Kit Part Number: 22-5-0250-01

.250" Fuse Accessory Kit

Product Type:Fuse Accessories
Solution:Circuit Protection
Brand:COOPER Bussmann
Family:Fuse Accessories
Application:Automotive Instrument Panels, Battery Packs, Computers and Peripherals, Motor Controls
Number of Pieces: 38 Pieces
RoHS: Yes
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Kit Datasheet: 22-5-0250-01 pdf
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$63.00 USD

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Product Highlights

Cooper Bussmann® electronic and electrical fuses are designed to IEC and UL standards for overcurrent protection in surface mount, thru-hole and traditional ferrule fuse packages.  Applications include PDAs, automotive instrument panels, notebook computers, battery packs, motor control circuits and mobile phones.


Features and Benefits

  • For 1⁄4" x 1 1⁄4" (6.3 x 32mm) fuses
  • Maximum panel thickness 5⁄16" (7.9mm) thick
  • Bayonet-type knob
  • Vibration resistant
  • Military version is designated FHN26G1
  • Optional metal nut
  • UL Recognized: IZLT2, E14853



  • Automotive instrument panels
  • Notebook computers
  • Battery packs
  • Motor control circuits



Current Rating<15A, >15A, 15A, 16A, 25A, 30A
Product/TypeFuse Accessories
SeriesHKP, HB, S-8000, HHB, HRK, 1A1907
StylePanel Mount, In-Line, Fuse Block, PCB Fuse Holder, 2-Piece PCB Fuse Clips
Voltage Rating32V, 250V, 300V
Wire Gauge (AWG)14, 16-12

Bill of Materials

P/NQty In KitDescriptionImageDatasheetProduct
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BK/1A1907-03-R102-Piece PCB Fuse Clips >15A Beryllium CopperBK/1A1907-03-RPDFmore infocheck inventory
BK/1A1907-06-R202-Piece PCB Fuse Clips <15A BrassBK/1A1907-06-RPDFmore infocheck inventory
BK/HBH-I-R1Horizontal PCB Fuse Holder 16A, 250V MaxBK/HBH-I-RPDFmore infocheck inventory
BK/HBV-I-R1Vertical PCB Fuse Holder 16A, 250V Max.BK/HBV-I-RPDFmore infocheck inventory
BK/HHB-R1Panel Mount Fuse Holders 30A, 250VBK/HHB-RPDFmore infocheck inventory
BK/HKP-R2Panel Mount Fuse Holders 30A, 250VBK/HKP-RPDFmore infocheck inventory
BK/HRK-R1In-Line Fuse Holder with 14 AWG Leads 14awg, 15A, 32V MaxBK/HRK-RPDFmore infocheck inventory
BK/S-8001-1-R2Fuse Block 25A, 300V Solder TerminalsBK/S-8001-1-RPDFmore infocheck inventory