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Kit Part Number: 22-6-6582-06

Deluxe Double Row Barrier Strip and Terminal Strip Connector Kit

Product Type:Connectors
Solution:Wire/Power Management
Brand:COOPER Bussmann
Application:Combiner Boxes, Distribution Control Systems, Drive Systems, Elevators and Conveyors, Hardware, HVAC, Industrial Controls, Motor Controls, Panel Builders, Power Supplies, Sitchgear, Traffic Signal and Controls [see all]
Number of Pieces: 19 Pieces
RoHS: Yes
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Kit Datasheet: 22-6-6582-06 pdf
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$66.00 USD

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Product Highlights

For over 50 years, Cooper Bussmann Connectors has delivered proven products with a commitment to quality and superior service for a broad range of OEM applications covering, North American-style single- and double-row barrier strips, European-style terminal strips and PCB mount connectors. 


Features and Benefits

  • Center Spacings from 8 to 15.9mm to cover a wide range of applications
  • Vast array of configuable options:  Fasteners, Jumpers, Quick Connects, Marking, etc.
  • Market leading amperage and voltage ratings for each class
  • Marking Strips and/or Covers available for most products



  • Traffic Signal and Controls
  • Industrial Controls
  • HVAC
  • Panel Builders
  • Distribution Control Systems
  • Elevators and Conveyors
  • Switchgear
  • Drive Systems
  • Power Supplies
  • Combiner Boxes
  • Hardware
  • Motor Controls



Current Rating20A, 30A, 35A, 45A, 50A, 60A, 75A
Pitch8mm, 9.52mm, 10.00mm, 11.1mm, 12.00mm, 13.5mm, 14.28mm, 15.00mm, 15.88mm, 17.45mm
Poles2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12
SeriesTB100, TB300, TS10, TS14, TB400, TS08, TB100 KUX, KURL, KUX, KU, TS12, TB200HB, TB345, TB200
StyleDouble Row
Voltage Rating300V, 600V

Bill of Materials

P/NQty In KitDescriptionImageDatasheetProduct
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KU4-MT115.88mm Pitch, 4 Poles, 60A, 600V Barrier StripKU4-MTPDFmore infocheck inventory
KURL4-BP115.88mm Pitch, 4 Poles, 60A, 600V Removable Link Barrier StripKURL4-BPPDFmore infocheck inventory
KUX4-WNUV115.88mm Pitch, 4 Poles, 60A, 600V Short Block Barrier StripKUX4-WNUVPDFmore infocheck inventory
KUXSC4-PWCPT115.88mm Pitch, 4 Poles, 60A, 600V Short Block with Shorting Strap Barrier StripKUXSC4-PWCPTPDFmore infocheck inventory
TB100-0419.52mm Pitch, 4 Poles, 30A, 300V Barrier StripTB100-04PDFmore infocheck inventory
TB100-0919.52mm Pitch, 9 Poles, 30A, 300V Custom Configuration Barrier Strip w/Special Marks, Fastener, Quick Connect and Jumper Confi gurationTB100-09PDFmore infocheck inventory
TB200-02QC7111.1mm Pitch, 2 Poles, 30A 300V Barrier StripTB200-02QC7PDFmore infocheck inventory
TB200-06STQC20111.1mm Pitch, 6 Poles, 30A, 300V Barrier StripTB200-06STQC20PDFmore infocheck inventory
TB200HB-03SP111.1mm Pitch, 3 Poles, 30A, 600V High Wall Barrier StripTB200HB-03SPPDFmore infocheck inventory
TB300-06L5114.28mm Pitch, 6 Poles, 30A, 600V Barrier StripTB300-06L5PDFmore infocheck inventory
TB345-02STROJ6114.28mm Pitch, 2 Poles, 45A, 600V Barrier StripTB345-02STROJ6PDFmore infocheck inventory
TB400-03117.45mm Pitch, 3 Poles, 75A, 600V Barrier StripTB400-03PDFmore infocheck inventory
TS08011218mm Pitch, 12 Poles, 20A, 300V Terminal StripTS080112PDFmore infocheck inventory
TS100206110mm Pitch, 6 Poles, 30A, 300VTS100206PDFmore infocheck inventory
TS120206112mm Pitch, 6 Poles, 35A, 300V Terminal StripTS120206PDFmore infocheck inventory
TS140104113.5mm Pitch, 4 Poles, 50A, 300V Terminal StripTS140104PDFmore infocheck inventory
X119041Clear Cover StripX11904PDFmore infocheck inventory
X20502BF1Bottom Marker StripX20502BFPDFmore infocheck inventory
X333061Top Marker StripX33306PDFmore infocheck inventory

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