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Kit Part Number: 22-6-6582-08

Deluxe Single Row Barrier Strip Connectors Kit

Product Type:Connectors
Solution:Wire/Power Management
Brand:COOPER Bussmann
Application:Elevators and Conveyors, Environmental Controls, HVAC, Industrial Controls, Instrumentation, PC Hardware, PCB Applications, Power Supplies, Security and Alarm Systems, Test and Measurement, Traffic Signal and Controls [see all]
Number of Pieces: 29 Pieces
RoHS: Yes
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Kit Datasheet: 22-6-6582-08 pdf
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$76.50 USD

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Product Highlights

For over 50 years, Cooper Bussmann Connectors has delivered proven products with a commitment to quality and superior service for a broad range of OEM applications covering, North American-style single- and double-row barrier strips, European-style terminal strips and PCB mount connectors.


Features and Benefits

  • Center Spacings from 6.35 to 14.28mm to cover a wide range of applications
  • Vast array of configurable options:  Fasteners, Jumpers, Quick Connects, Marking, etc.
  • Market leading amperage and voltage ratings for each class
  • Marking Strips and/or Covers available for most products.



  • PCB Applications
  • HVAC
  • Traffic signal and controls
  • Security & Alarm Systems
  • Industrial and environmental controls
  • Test and measurement
  • PC Hardware
  • Instrumentation
  • Power supplies



Current Rating10A, 20A, 30A, 35A, 50A
Pitch6.35mm, 8.26mm, 9.52mm, 11.1mm, 14.28mm
Poles2, 3, 4, 6, 8
SeriesA3000, LP3000, CB3000, B3000, A4000, B4000, A5000, CB5000, BO1000, BB2000, BC3000, CB1000, CB3, CB2000, CB2, A1000, B38, A2000, A38, LP2000
StyleSingle Row
Voltage Rating150V, 300V, 600V

Bill of Materials

P/NQty In KitDescriptionImageDatasheetProduct
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A10220307CA18.26mm Pitch, 3 Poles, 20A, 150VA10220307CAPDFmore infocheck inventory
A104104R26DR18.26mm Pitch, 4 Poles, 20A, 150VA104104R26DRPDFmore infocheck inventory
A207304R3519.52mm Pitch, 7 Poles, 30A, 300VA207304R35PDFmore infocheck inventory
A303502A2A3MT111.1mm Pitch, 2 Poles, 30A, 600VA303502A2A3MTPDFmore infocheck inventory
A31930307111.1mm Pitch, 3 Poles, 30A, 600VA31930307PDFmore infocheck inventory
A380506S2141111.1mm Pitch, 6 Poles, 30A, 600V Custom Configuration w/Special Insulator BaseA380506S2141PDFmore infocheck inventory
A38220407111.1mm Pitch, 4 Poles, 30A, 600VA38220407PDFmore infocheck inventory
A400303114.28mm Pitch, 3 Poles, 50A, 150VA400303PDFmore infocheck inventory
A48130304114.28mm Pitch, 3 Poles, 35A, 600VA48130304PDFmore infocheck inventory
A50110607L516.35mm Pitch, 6 Poles, 10A, 300VA50110607L5PDFmore infocheck inventory
B384904111.1mm Pitch, 4 Poles, 50A, 300VB384904PDFmore infocheck inventory
B385902111.1mm Pitch, 4 Poles, 50A, 300VB385902PDFmore infocheck inventory
B484302114.28mm Pitch, 2 Poles, 50A, 600VB484302PDFmore infocheck inventory
BB2-041BB2 CoverBB2-04PDFmore infocheck inventory
BC3-041BC3 CoverBC3-04PDFmore infocheck inventory
BO1-04BF1B01 CoverBO1-04BFPDFmore infocheck inventory
CB10210803L1MP18.26mm Pitch, 8 Poles, 20A, 150V Closed BackCB10210803L1MPPDFmore infocheck inventory
CB201104S249319.52mm Pitch, 4 Poles, 30A, 300V Closed Back w/Custom MarksCB201104S2493PDFmore infocheck inventory
CB202207S231819.52mm Pitch, 4 Poles, 30A, 300V Closed Back w/Custom MarksCB202207S2318PDFmore infocheck inventory
CB21420407EB19.52mm Pitch, 3 Poles, 30A, 300V Closed BackCB21420407EBPDFmore infocheck inventory
CB30220407111.1mm Pitch, 4 Poles, 30A, 600V Closed BackCB30220407PDFmore infocheck inventory
CB35110407MP111.1mm Pitch, 4 Poles, 30A, 600V Closed BackCB35110407MPPDFmore infocheck inventory
CB5042030716.35mm Pitch, 3 Poles, 10A, 300V Closed BackCB50420307PDFmore infocheck inventory
LP2060020319.52mm Pitch, 2 Poles, 30A, 150V Low ProfileLP20600203PDFmore infocheck inventory
LP30610407CA111.1mm Pitch, 4 Poles, 30A, 150V Low ProfileLP30610407CAPDFmore infocheck inventory
TA8-041TA8 CoverTA8-04PDFmore infocheck inventory
TB8-041TB8 CoverTB8-04PDFmore infocheck inventory
TO2-041TO2 CoverTO2-04PDFmore infocheck inventory
TO3-041TO3 CoverTO3-04PDFmore infocheck inventory

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