The Chemical Compatibility Solution

Sep 5th 2013

Cree® is working with Waldom Electronics in creating kits to test chemical incompatibilities within the development of new LED Lighting designs. The available kits can help manufacturers who work with Cree’s high-power LED products, by enabling a shorter design cycle to get products to market faster. The presence of incompatible volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in LED-based solid state lighting (SSL) designs can impair the performance and reduce the lifetime of these illumination systems. This sensitivity to VOCs is not unique to one LED manufacturer but is a known problem for all types of blue, royal blue and white-light LEDs. However, with proper design and adequate testing, chemical incompatibility effects can be prevented. Prevention can begin by utilizing the Cree® XLamp® LEDs Chemical Compatibility test kits, available in three configurations. These test kits cover three different Cree® LED types: 1) XP-E, 2) XR-E and 3) MX-6. A fourth, all-in-one, kit configuration is available and includes all three types of LEDs mounted on circuit boards.