Dialight Series

Dialight has a broad offering of Panel Mount Indicators (PMI), Circuit Board Indicators (CBI®), discrete lamps and Optopipie® light pipes. Dialights LED products have given engineers better ways to indicate status on all kinds of equipment.
Dialight’s 021 Series is a Panel Mount, Incandescent, T-3 ¼ Miniature Bayonet Base Indicator and Right Angle View, Light Shield, chrome plated, Lens Cap.
052 Series miniature bayonet base incandescent lamp, cluster based LED or multi-chip LED
The 081 Series is a panel mount base that can be Watertight for 11/16” holes and use T-3 ¼ miniature bayonet lamp/LEDs.
101 Series of lamp holders/lens caps are Watertight indicators that are ideal for harsh environments. Several lens colors are featured.
Dialight’s 103 Series are caps and panel mount bases that can be Oil tight for 1” holes and use S-6 Candelabra Screw lamps.
125 Series lamp holders/lens caps are robust indicators that are ideal for harsh environments.
128 Series watertight (on the face of the panel). Retained O-Ring seals. High impact plastic. Conforms to MIL-L-3661B
160 Series LEDs used for decure low light level nighttime operation and normal daytime operation. Designed to meet MIL-L-3661B Requirements
The 162 Series is a fully insulated Panel Mount Indicator for 15/32\" mounting hole, and uses a T-1 3/4 Midget Flange light source. The anti-rotation construction provides for secure locking of the socket termi...
249 Series LED Indicators offer all the advantages of LED technology in a small, rugged panel-mount package with operating voltages up to 28VDC.
367 Series LEDs are used for secure low light level nighttime operation and normal daytime operation. Designed to meet MIL-L-3661B Requirements
507 Series are powered by LEDs that last up to and beyond 100K hours, you may never need to relamp - but you can with the 507 Series LED Cartridge indicators.
Dialight’s extensive engineered line of Optopipe® light pipes shine the light where it is needed.  These two piece Ring and Clip Snap mounting hardware for panels aid in mounting the ...
521 Series discrete through hole products offer a wide variety of LEDs from 2mm to 5mm. Single Color and Bi-Color LEDs - Red, yellow green and orange LEDs available in diffused, tinted non-diffused or water cle...
550 Series LED high luminous intensity solid-state source. Right Angle LED aids in assembly.
The 551 Series are 3mm Right Angle Diffused Lens LEDs, with horizontal arrays on 4.45mm (0.175”) center-lines.
552 Series are 5mm Bi-Level LEDs with horizontal arrays on 6.35mm (.250”) center-lines.
553 Series design conserves PCB space and right angle housings offer ease of assembly, and have pretrimmed leads.
555 Series single indicators have 2mm standard efficiency and resistor LED, and are fully compatible the 555 Quad LEDs. Also available in Top View LEDs.
556 Series indicators are provided with housings designed for exterior door indicators or by themselves they can be used as interior indicators for a variety of applications.
557 Series LED Panel Mount Indicators incorporate both InGaN and AlInGaP technologies to offer higher intensities. This is a highly durable package, designed to withstand outdoor applications susceptible to rai...
558 Series LEDs are snap-in mount, requiring no additional hardware for mounting (0.031-0.062)" thick panels, for 0.156" (3.96mm) holes. They feature ultra-bright, water-clear LEDs. The Housings are of black po...
559 Series indicators are snap-in mounted diffused LEDs. These feature 6" wire leads and three-leaded bi-color indicators.
561 Series are 5mm Vertical LEDs with various heights, with 2.54mm (.100”) center-lines.
564 Series are 3mm Tri-Level LEDs with 4.45mm (.175”) center-lines.
568 Series are 3mm Quad-Level LEDs with 1.91mm (.075”) center-lines.
569 Series are 3mm high density narrow Bi-Level LEDs with a 3.35mm (.132”) center-lines.
570 Series are tri-level PCB LED indicators, with single color and three color.
571 Series LEDs are right angle, bi-level PCB indicators, with single color and two color.
Dialights 585 Series line of based LEDs were designed with flexibility and efficiency in mind. With the technological advancements in Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) brightness can now rival the incandescent lam...
The Dialight 586 Series are LED Replacement Bulbs, in styles such as T-3 ¼, 15mm Clusters, T2 Telephone Slide Bases, Miniature Screw (E10)s and more.
The 591 Series is a 3mm Prism® SMT (Surface Mount Technology) 2mA Low Current LED. These LEDs are available in Square Lens as well as Round Lens. Production reels of 591 Series come in moisture-r...
Dialight’s 592 Series CBI® is a 3mm single color Bi-Level Prism® Surface Mount LED. These are compatible with automatic placement equipment and with SMT reflow soldering processes...
597 Series LEDs are compatible with automatic placement equipment and infrared reflow processes. Meets EIA481-1 standard. Compatible with Dialights Optopipe Series light pipes. Assists in eliminating mixed te...
607 Series LED Panel Mount Indicators for 7.2mm mounting hole with optional watertight capability
609 Series LED Panel Mount Indicators for 9.35mm mounting hole w/ optional watertight capability
610 Series LED Panel Mount Indicators for 10mm mounting hole
657 Series - right angle LED watertight - 11/16” mounting hole Panel Mount Indicators