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Kit Part Number: 76650-0032

Dual Row Sealed Plug and Receptacle, IP-67

Connector Type:Wire-to-Wire
Solution:Sealed Connectors
Connector Family:MX150L™
Application:Agriculture Equipment, Automotive / Transportation, Construction Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Marine Equipment, On Engine Automotive Applications, Recreational Vehicles [see all]
With Tool:Tool
Number of Pieces: 431 Pieces
RoHS: Yes
Resource Center
Kit Datasheet: 76650-0032 pdf
Kit Tool:
63813-1500 (included in kit)
63811-4400 (not included in kit)
63811-7600 (not included in kit)
MSRP ( List Price ):

$130.50 USD

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Product Highlights
The pre-assembled, submersible MX150L™ is a high performance, environmentally sealed connector system suitable for challenging, rugged and harsh applications, supporting both low-level signal as well as power applications. The cost-effective connector design features all-in-one plug and receptacle housings with preassembled mat-wire and interfacial connector seals. The mating interface provides full IP67 sealing capability

Features and Benefits
• Simple crimp, poke and plug application, no need to crimp individual wire seals
• Audible and tactile clicks on insertion, extraction and mating
• Easy terminal extraction and insertion
• Quick, low-cost field repairs using common screw driver, needle nose pliers and terminal extraction tool
• Environmentally sealed to IP67
• Integrated mat wire seal
• Circuit plugs provide the ability to plan for possible future circuit additions, while maintaining the sealing integrity of the mated pair.

• Agriculture Equipment
• Construction Equipment
• Recreational Vehicles
• On-Engine automotive applications
• Marine Equipment


Circuit Size2, 4, 6, 8
Current Rating18A
Mounting StyleNon-Mounted
OrientationReceptacles, Plugs
Pitch5.84mm (.230")
Voltage Rating600V
Wire Gauge (AWG)16-14 , 22-18

Bill of Materials

P/NQty In KitDescriptionImageDatasheetProduct
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19417-0047100Male Terminal 14-16 AWG, MX150L™19417-0047PDFmore infocheck inventory
19417-0048100Male Terminal 18-22 AWG, MX150L™19417-0048PDFmore infocheck inventory
19417-011910MX150L™ Circuit Voiding Key, Dual Gender19417-0119PDFmore infocheck inventory
19418-001622-Way MX150L™ Recepacle Assy 22-18 AWG, Red Seal, without CPA19418-0016PDFmore infocheck inventory
19418-001722-Way MX150L™ Recepacle Assy 16-14 AWG, Blue Seal, without CPA19418-0017PDFmore infocheck inventory
19418-001814-Way MX150L™ Recepacle Assy 22-18 AWG, Red Seal, without CPA19418-0018PDFmore infocheck inventory
19418-001914-Way MX150L™ Recepacle Assy 16-14 AWG, Blue Seal, without CPA19418-0019PDFmore infocheck inventory
19418-002016-Way MX150L™ Recepacle Assy 22-18 AWG, Red Seal, without CPA19418-0020PDFmore infocheck inventory
19418-002116-Way MX150L™ Recepacle Assy 16-14 AWG, Blue Seal, without CPA19418-0021PDFmore infocheck inventory
19418-002218-Way MX150L™ Recepacle Assy 22-18 AWG, Red Seal, without CPA19418-0022PDFmore infocheck inventory
19418-002318-Way MX150L™ Recepacle Assy 16-14 AWG, Blue Seal, without CPA19418-0023PDFmore infocheck inventory
19419-000118-Way Plug Assy 22-18 AWG19419-0001PDFmore infocheck inventory
19419-000218-Way Plug Assy 16-14 AWG19419-0002PDFmore infocheck inventory
19419-000414-Way Plug Assy 16-14 AWG19419-0004PDFmore infocheck inventory
19419-000514-Way Plug Assy 22-18 AWG19419-0005PDFmore infocheck inventory
19419-000722-Way Plug Assy 16-14 AWG, Blue Seal19419-0007PDFmore infocheck inventory
19419-000822-Way Plug Assy 22-18 AWG, Red Seal19419-0008PDFmore infocheck inventory
19419-001116-Way Plug Assy 16-14 AWG19419-0011PDFmore infocheck inventory
19419-001216-Way Plug Assy 22-18 AWG19419-0012PDFmore infocheck inventory
19420-0009100Female Terminal (14-16) AWG, MX150L™19420-0009PDFmore infocheck inventory
19420-0010100Female Terminal (18-22) AWG, MX150L™19420-0010PDFmore infocheck inventory
63813-15001Manual Extraction Tool63813-1500PDFmore infocheck inventory

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