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Kit Part Number: 76650-0144

Circular Sealed Plug and Receptacle, IP-67

Connector Type:Wire-to-Wire
Solution:Sealed Connectors
Connector Family:XRC™
Application:Automotive / Transportation
Number of Pieces: 100 Pieces
RoHS: Yes
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Kit Datasheet: 76650-0144 pdf
Kit Tool:
63811-5500 (not included in kit)
63813-1900 (not included in kit)
63868-1000 (not included in kit)
63868-1100 (not included in kit)
63867-8100 (not included in kit)
63867-8200 (not included in kit)
63811-5800 (not included in kit)
63867-8000 (not included in kit)
63811-5600 (not included in kit)
MSRP ( List Price ):

$284.75 USD

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Product Highlights
The XRC™ 14-circuit, circular connector was developed to meet the demanding requirements of the heavy-equipment industry. For maximum design flexibility, the XRC™ plugs and receptacles are available in standard and reverse gender. The connectors can be used for in-line or panel-mount applications. Plugs feature a quick-disconnect bayonet latch to provide quick and easy connections with reduced installation and service time while ensuring accurate mating depth. Designed to meet IP67 standards, XRC™ plugs and receptacles protect against the ingress of dust, water and other contaminants to maintain the integrity of the mated pair.

Features and Benefits
• Environmentally sealed to IP67 standard
• Standard and reverse terminal genders, allows for custom polarization
• Tactile and audible mating feedback, facilitates reliable mating
• Bayonet-style latch, provides quick and easy connections for reduced installation and service time
• Simple crimp-and-poke technology, does not require terminal alignment when installing crimped wires

• Marine: Boats and propulsion systems
• Agriculture Equipment, Combines, Tractors
• Transportation: Tractor trailers, Buses, Fire Trucks
• Recreational Vehicles
• Construction Equipment: Fork lifts, Loaders, Cranes


Circuit Size14
Current Rating10 A (18AWG), 13 A (16-14AWG)
Mounting StyleNon-Mounted
OrientationReceptacles, Plugs
PitchNon-Linear Pitch
Voltage Rating300V
Wire Gauge (AWG)18-14, 18-16

Bill of Materials

P/NQty In KitDescriptionImageDatasheetProduct
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