Sealed Connectors

Sealed Connectors
Do you have an environmentally harsh interconnect problem? These rugged environmentally sealed connector kits can withstand water, salt, condensation, corrosion and heat.
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16 Sealed Connectors Kits Found.
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DescriptionConnector TypeSolutionConnector FamilyApplicationWith ToolOrientationMounting StylePitchWire Gauge (AWG)Current RatingVoltage RatingToolMSRP
Deluxe Kits: Variety of orientations, mounting styles or product families

Deluxe Splashproof Solution Kit

Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-WireSealedMulti splash proof, MX150™, MX150L™, RJ45, USBIndustrial EquipmentCables, Plugs, Vertical ReceptaclesPCB Through Hole2.50mm (.098"), 3.50mm (.138"), 5.84mm (.230")20-18, 22-10, 22-181A, 1.5A, 3A, 18A, 22A25V / 30VAC (RMS), 150V, 250V, 600VNo$165.50
Standard Kits: Single orientation, mounting style or product family

Sealed Plug and Receptacle, JIS D0203 S2 Waterproof Compliant

Industrial, Wire-to-WireSealedSplash ProofMedical, Consumer Products, Automotive / Transportation, Industrial EquipmentPlugs, ReceptaclesNon-Mounted2.50mm (.098")22-203-4A25VNo$44.50
76650-3003Dual Row Panel Mount Sealed Plug and Receptacle, IP-67 KitWire-to-WireSealedMX150L™, Europe KitsAutomotive / TransportationToolPlugs, ReceptaclesPanel Mount5.84mm (.230")16-14 , 22-1818A600VYes$95.50

Single Row Matte Sealed Plug and Receptacle

Wire-to-WireSealedMX150™Automotive / TransportationPlugs, ReceptaclesNon-Mounted3.50mm (.138")20-1822A250VNo$21.00

DIN Valve Connectors External Thread, Field Attachable & Cable Kit

IndustrialSealedDIN Valve ConnectorIndustrial Equipment, Non-Automotive Transporation Industry, Motor Applications, Solenoid ValvesRight Angle, StraightScrew MountedNon-Linear Pitch205-10A24V, 250Vac, 300VdcNo$69.00

Sealed Spade and Heat Shrink Tubing with Universal Crimp Tool

Solderless TerminalsSealedPerma-Seal™White Goods Application, Automotive / Transportation, Industrial Equipment, MRO (Maintenance Repair and Operations)ToolSolderless TerminalsNon-MountedN/A12-10, 16-14 , 22-18N/AN/AYes$42.00

Single Row Receptacle to Distributor with CPA

Wire-to-DirectSealedMX150™Automotive / TransportationSingle Row ReceptacleNon-Mounted5.00mm (.197")20-1815A250VYes$40.75

Dual Row Panel Mount Sealed Plug and Receptacle, IP-67

Wire-to-WireSealedMX150L™Automotive / TransportationToolPlugs, ReceptaclesPanel Mount5.84mm (.230")16-14 , 22-1818A600VYes$113.75

Dual Row Sealed Plug and Receptacle, IP-67

Wire-to-WireSealedMX150L™Automotive / Transportation, Industrial Equipment, Agriculture Equipment, Construction Equipment, Recreational Vehicles, On Engine Automotive Applications, Marine Equipment [see all]ToolPlugs, ReceptaclesNon-Mounted5.84mm (.230")16-14 , 22-1818A600VYes$130.50

Sealed Bayonet-Style Plug Receptacle and Cable

Industrial, Wire-to-WireSealedUSB and RJ45Industrial EquipmentCables, Plugs, Vertical ReceptaclesPanel Mount1.02mm (.040"), 2.00mm (.079"), 2.50mm (.098")26-22, 281A, 1.5A30VAC (RMS), 125VNo$141.50

USB Type A and B Shielded Panel Mount Plug, Receptacle and Cable, IP-67

Industrial, Wire-to-WireSealedUSBData / Peripherals, Industrial EquipmentCables, Plugs, Vertical ReceptaclesPCB Through Hole2.00mm (.079"), 2.50mm (.098")281A30VNo$116.50
76650-3006In-Line, PCB and Panel Mount Receptacle, Plug, Receptacle and Dust Cover KitIndustrial, Wire-to-WireSealedRJ45, Europe KitsMedical, Industrial EquipmentCables, Plugs, Receptacles, VerticalPanel Mount, PCB Through Hole1.02mm (.040")26-221.5A125VNo$116.50

In-Line, PCB and Panel Mount Receptacle, Plug, Receptacle and Dust cover

Industrial, Wire-to-WireSealedRJ45Medical, Consumer Products, Data / Peripherals, Telecommunications Equipment, Automotive / TransportationCables, Plugs, Vertical ReceptaclesPanel Mount, PCB Through Hole1.02mm (.040")26-221.5A125VNo$146.00

Perma-Seal™ All Weather Solderless Terminal Kit

Solderless TerminalsSealedPerma-Seal™Farm Equipment, Ships, Generators, Material Handling Equipment, Factory Floor EquipmentToolAssorted Perma-Seal TerminalsNon-MountedN/A8, 12-10, 16-14 , 22-18N/A600VYes$136.75

Circular Sealed Plug and Receptacle, IP-67

Wire-to-WireSealedXRC™Automotive / TransportationPlugs, ReceptaclesNon-MountedNon-Linear Pitch18-14, 18-1610 A (18AWG), 13 A (16-14AWG)300VNo$284.75
76650-3002Dual Row Sealed Plug and Receptacle, IP-67 KitWire-to-WireSealedMX150L™, Europe KitsAutomotive / Transportation, Industrial EquipmentToolPlugs, ReceptaclesNon-Mounted5.84mm (.230")16-14 , 22-1818A600VYes$113.00