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Kit Part Number: B3F-B32-01-KIT

B3F Series Tactile Switch and Cap Kit

Product Type:Switches
OMRON Series:B3F Series
Application:Digital Audio and Video Players, DVD Players, Office Automation Equipment
Number of Pieces: 25 Pieces
RoHS: Yes
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Kit Datasheet: B3F-B32-01-KIT pdf
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$10.00 USD

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Product Highlights

The B3F Series is a Miniature, Space-Saving Tactile Switch, that Provides Long Service Life and Easy Mounting.

The B32 Series is a Keycap, Top Designed Specially for Projected-plunger-type B3F, B3FS and B3W Switches.


Features and Benefits

  • Long mechanical / electrical service life (1,000,000-10,000,000) operations
  • Flux-tight base structure allows easy soldering onto a  PC board
  • Color Switch Keycaps can be used to represent Operating Force, for projected plunger B3F models
  • Available in a wide range of colors and sizes



  • Audio
  • Office
  • Communications Equipment
  • Measuring Instruments


Actuator StylePushbutton
ColorYellow, Grey, White/Ivory
Contact FormSPST-NO
Current Rating.001-.050A
Mounting StyleThrough Hole
Operating Force100-260 g
Switch Size6 x 6 mm, 12 x 12 mm
Switch StyleTactile
Voltage Rating5-24VDC

Bill of Materials

P/NQty In KitDescriptionImageDatasheetProduct
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B32-10002Key Cap Gray For 6 X 6 mm Tactile SwitchB32-1000PDFmore infocheck inventory
B32-10302Key Cap Yellow For 6 X 6 mm Tactile SwitchB32-1030PDFmore infocheck inventory
B32-10602Key Cap White/Ivory For 6 X 6 mm Tactile SwitchB32-1060PDFmore infocheck inventory
B32-12301Key Cap Yellow For 12 X 12 mm Tactile SwitchB32-1230PDFmore infocheck inventory
B32-12601Key Cap White/Ivory For 12 X 12 mm Tactile SwitchB32-1260PDFmore infocheck inventory
B3F-10003(6x6)mm Miniature Tactile Switch SPST-NO 100g Force Flat PlungerB3F-1000PDFmore infocheck inventory
B3F-10223(6x6)mm Miniature Tactile Switch SPST-NO 150g Force Flat Plunger 5.0mm SW heightB3F-1022PDFmore infocheck inventory
B3F-10502(6x6)mm Miniature Tactile Switch SPST-NO 100g Force Projected Plunger (for B32 Keycaps)B3F-1050PDFmore infocheck inventory
B3F-10523(6x6)mm Miniature Tactile Switch SPST-NO 150g Force Projected Plunger (for B32 Keycaps)B3F-1052PDFmore infocheck inventory
B3F-31522(6x6)mm Right Angle Miniature Tactile Switch SPST-NO 150g Force Projected Plunger (for B32 Keycaps)B3F-3152PDFmore infocheck inventory
B3F-40502(12x12)mm Miniature Tactile Switch SPST-NO 130g Force Projected Plunger (for B32 Keycaps)B3F-4050PDFmore infocheck inventory
B3F-40552(12x12)mm Miniature Tactile Switch SPST-NO 260g Force Projected Plunger (for B32 Keycaps)B3F-4055PDFmore infocheck inventory

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