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Kit Part Number: G2-G5-G6-01-KIT

12VDC Coil Relay Kit

Product Type:Relays
Solution:Relays, Single Coil Voltage Relays
OMRON Series:G2R Series, G2RL Series, G5LE Series, G5V Series, G6B Series, G6E Series, G6RN Series [see all]
Application:Computer Peripherals, Security Equipment, Telecommunications
Number of Pieces: 16 Pieces
RoHS: Yes
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Kit Datasheet: G2-G5-G6-01-KIT pdf
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$63.00 USD

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Product Highlights

The G6RN relays are Heavy-duty Low profile Miniature Relays. The G6B relays are subminiature relays that switch up to 5 amps. The G5V Series has relays of Ultra Miniature package size of (10H x 7.5W x 12.5L)mm and High Sensitivity (150 mW nominal power consumption). The G5LE relays are a cubic, single-pole 10 amp Power Relay. The G6 Series of relays has a Subminiature package size of (7.87H x 9.91W x 16L)mm. G2R Series are slim power PCB relays. The dimenssions are as small as (13W x 25.5H x 29L)mm and (12.7W x 15.7H x 29L)mm for the G2RL relays. These G2R realys have highly stable magnetic circuits for latching endurance and excellent resistance to vibration and shock.

 * Cut away nib on relay to increase to 8A (after PCB washing, to allow for the heat and gas to be released)


Features and Benefits

  • Creepage distance of 8.0 mm min. between coil and contact
  • High Capacity (16 A) and high sensitivity (360 mW) types
  • Highly stable magnetic circuit for latching endurance and
    excellent resistance to vibration and shock
  • Safety-oriented design assuring high surge resistance: 10,000 V min. between coil and contacts.
  • Non-Latching relays
  • Conforms to VDE (EN61810-1). UL recognized/ CSA certiified
  • Meets EN60335-1 requirements for household products
  • Clearance and creepage distance: 10 mm/10 mm
  • Coil Insulation system: Class F



  • Telecommunications
  • Security
  • Computers/Peripherals



Coil Power Consumption150mW, 200mW, 220mW, 400mW, 500mW, 530mW
Coil Voltage12 VDC
Mounting StyleThrough Hole
Operating Current1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 8A, 10A
Operating Voltage30 VDC, 60 VDC, 125 VAC, 125 VDC, 220 VDC, 250 VAC, 380 VAC
Relay Contact Form1 Form C, 1 Form A, 1 Form A + 1 Form B, 2 Form C
Switching Capability (Max)24W, 30W, 60W, 120W, 150W, 240W, 300W

Bill of Materials

P/NQty In KitDescriptionImageDatasheetProduct
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G2R-1-E-DC12110 A Semi-sealed SPDT High Capacity Relay 12VdcG2R-1-E-DC12PDFmore infocheck inventory
G2R-2-DC1215A Semi-sealed DPDT General purpose Relay 12VdcG2R-2-DC12PDFmore infocheck inventory
G2R-24-DC1214A Sealed DPDT General purpose Relay 12VdcG2R-24-DC12PDFmore infocheck inventory
G2RL-24-DC1218A* Fully sealed DPDT General Purpose Relay 12VdcG2RL-24-DC12PDFmore infocheck inventory
G5LE-1-DC121Power Relay Flux protection, SPDT, 12VDC, 10A, Through-Hole PCBG5LE-1-DC12PDFmore infocheck inventory
G5LE-14-DC121Power Relay Fully sealed, SPDT, 12VDC, 10A, Through-Hole PCBG5LE-14-DC12PDFmore infocheck inventory
G5V-1-DC122Ultra-miniature Low Signal Relay SPDT, 12Vdc, 1A, Through HoleG5V-1-DC12PDFmore infocheck inventory
G5V-2-DC122Standard Low Signal Relay, DPDT, 12Vdc, 2A, Through HoleG5V-2-DC12PDFmore infocheck inventory
G5V-2-H-DC121Signal Relay DPDT, 12VDC, 1A, Through-Hole PCBG5V-2-H-DC12PDFmore infocheck inventory
G5V-2-H1-DC121Ultra High Sensitivity Low Signal Relay, DPDT, 12Vdc, 1A, Through HoleG5V-2-H1-DC12PDFmore infocheck inventory
G6B-1114P-US-DC121Power Relay, SPST-NO, 12DC, 5A Through-Hole PCBG6B-1114P-US-DC12PDFmore infocheck inventory
G6B-2114P-US-DC121Power Relay, SPST-N.O.+ N.C., 12DC, 5A, Through-Hole PCBG6B-2114P-US-DC12PDFmore infocheck inventory
G6E-134P-ST-US-DC121Low Signal Relay, SPDT, 12Vdc, 3A, Through HoleG6E-134P-ST-US-DC12PDFmore infocheck inventory
G6RN-1-DC121Power Relay, SPDT, 12VDC, 8A, Through-Hole PCBG6RN-1-DC12PDFmore infocheck inventory

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