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Kit Part Number: V-15G-01-KIT

V Series General Purpose Snap Action Switch Kit

Product Type:Switches
Solution:Snap Action
OMRON Series:V Series
Application:Appliance Market, HVAC, Transportation
Number of Pieces: 12 Pieces
RoHS: Yes
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Kit Datasheet: V-15G-01-KIT pdf
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$38.00 USD

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Product Highlighs

These snap action switches of the V Series are great for applications that need long life and high reliability. V switches are offered in many, many Operating Forces, with a nice variety of Levers. They can handle many applications from a current level point of view, because of the 10 or 15 amps ratings.


Features and Benefits

  • Industry standard design with 10/15 Amp ratings
    Widely used for applications where long life expectancy and high reliability is required
  • Long mechanical life of 50,000,000 operations minimum
  • Choose from a variety of levers, terminals and operating forces
  • Available in either thermoplastic or thermosetting resin
  • Can be used to interrupt current when doors are opened or closed
  • RoHS Compliant



  • Transportation / Automotive
  • Appliance Market
  • HVAC



Actuator StylePin Plunger, Hinge Lever, Hinge Roller, Simulated Roller, Long Hinge Lever
Contact FormSPDT
Current Rating15A
Mounting Style.187" Quick Connect Terminals, .250" Quick Connect Terminals
Operating Force70 gf, 125 gf, 130 gf, 200 gf, 240 gf, 245 gf
Switch StyleSnap Action
Voltage Rating250V

Bill of Materials

P/NQty In KitDescriptionImageDatasheetProduct
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V-15G-1C25-K2Snap Switch Pin Plunger, 15A, 250V, 200g O.F., .187" Quick ConnectsV-15G-1C25-KPDFmore infocheck inventory
V-15G-1C5-K2Snap Switch Pin Plunger, 15A, 250V, 200g O.F., .250" Quick ConnectsV-15G-1C5-KPDFmore infocheck inventory
V-15G2-1C25-K1Snap Switch Hinge Lever, 15A, 250V, 125g O.F., .187" Quick ConnectsV-15G2-1C25-KPDFmore infocheck inventory
V-15G2-1C26-K1Snap Switch Hinge Lever, 15A, 250V, 130g O.F., .187" Quick ConnectsV-15G2-1C26-KPDFmore infocheck inventory
V-15G3-1C25-K1Snap Switch Long Hinge Lever, 15A, 250V, 70g O.F., .187" Quick ConnectsV-15G3-1C25-KPDFmore infocheck inventory
V-15G4-1C25-K2Snap Switch Simulated Roller, 15A, 250V, 125g O.F., .187" Quick ConnectsV-15G4-1C25-KPDFmore infocheck inventory
V-15G5-1C25-K1Snap Switch Short Hinge Roller, 15A, 250V, 240g O.F., .187" Quick ConnectsV-15G5-1C25-KPDFmore infocheck inventory
V-15G5-1C26-K1Snap Switch Short Hinge Roller, 15A, 250V, 245g O.F., .187" Quick ConnectsV-15G5-1C26-KPDFmore infocheck inventory
V-15G6-1C25-K1Snap Switch Hinge Roller, 15A, 250V, 125g O.F., .187" Quick ConnectsV-15G6-1C25-KPDFmore infocheck inventory

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