OMRON Series

B3F Series (1 Kit)
The B3F Series is a miniature, space-saving Tactile Switch that provides long servie life and easy mounting.
Omron's B3 Series of Illuminated Tactile Switches with one or two LEDs are of compact design, with bright and uniform illumination. The keycaps utilize a proprietary diffusion panel to deliver uniform brightnes...
G2R Series (2 Kits)
The G2R Series, power PCB relays, have highly stable magnetic circuits for latching endurance and excellent resistance to vibration and shock. Also, high capacity (16 A) types are available.
G2RL Series (2 Kits)
The G2RL Series are general purpose PCB power relays designed for cooking and HVAC controls: blower motor, damper, active air purification, duct flow boost fans, etc., and meet  EN60335-1 requirements ...
G3NA Series (1 Kit)

Hockey puck style SSRs, with 5-90A output currents. A built-in varistor effectively absorbs external surges. The operation indicator enables monitoring operation.

G3VM Series (1 Kit)


Perfectly suited for Automated Test Equipment, Medical Equipment, Instrumentation, Security Equipment, Automated Meter Reading, Automotive Diagnostic Equipment, and Commu...

G5LE Series (3 Kits)
These G5LE Series power PCB relays a cubic single-pole style good for 10A. These conform to EN 61810-1. UL recognized/ CSA certified.
G5SB Series (1 Kit)
The G5SB Series is a compact single-pole relay, for switching up to 5 A (Normally Open Contact), which is ideal for Fan Control of Air Conditioners, and Heating Control of Small Appliances. These have high insu...
G5V Series (4 Kits)
The G5V Series are Low Signal Relays for telecommunications, security and computer/peripheral equipment.  These are Miniature and Ultra-miniature packages good for 1 Amp and 2 Amps.

These are Ultra-miniature, Highly Sensitive SPDT Relays for Signal Circuits. Ideal for use in telecommunications, security, and computer/peripheral equipment.

G6B Series (3 Kits)
The G6B power PCB relays are subminiature relays that switch up to 5 A, with low power consumption, 200 mW. These relays have a unique moving loop armature that reduces relay size, magnetic interference, and co...
G6D Series (2 Kits)
The G6D power PCB relays are of a slim package design measuring 6.5 W x 17.5 L x 12.5 H mm, ideal for high-density mounting. These have a long service life: up to 300,000 operations with a 2 A, 250 VAC/30 VDC l...
G6E Series (4 Kits)
The G6E Series is a low signal relay that is a Subminiature (7.87 H x 9.91 W x 16 L mm), sensitive signal relay. These have high sensitivity with pick-up coil power of 98 mW, but with a surge withstand voltage ...
G6J-Y Series (2 Kits)
The G6J-Y Series is an ultra-compact and slim DPDT signal relay, 9H x 5.7W x 10.6L mm. They have a dielectric strength of 1,500 VAC and an impulse withstand voltage of 2,500 V for 2 x 10 μs.
G6K Series (5 Kits)
The G6K Series is a low signal relay that is of compact fourth generation design, which offers excellent board space savings. The terminal design is based on Omron’s successful G6S relay.
G6L Series (1 Kit)

G6L relays are Extremely Thin SPST-NO Flat Relay, One of the Thinnest Relays in the World. These Use 20% less mounting area and 67% less volume in comparison with the G5V-1 relay.

G6RN Series (3 Kits)
These G6RN Series power PCB relays are heavy-duty miniature relays, but with a low profile  (0.39 W x 1.12 L x 0.59 H inches). The G6RN's have a high dielectric strength of 4 kV with 8 mm  cre...
G6S Series (3 Kits)
The G6S Series is a low signal DPDT relay with a low power consumption of 140 mW (non-latching) and a high dielectric withstand voltage of 2,000 VAC between coil and contacts (standard type).
MY Series (1 Kit)
MY Relays arepluggable 2 Form C and 4 Form C Relays, rated for 5 and 10 amps.
PFP Series (1 Kit)
The PFP Series is DIN Rail items, such as End Plates for DIN Rail, Relay Spacers, Socket Mounting Plates and DIN Rail in different lengths.
PT Series (1 Kit)
The PT Series are Accessories for the LY Series Relays, such as PCB and Solder Sockets, 5.0mm Width Hold-Down Clips.
PY Series (3 Kits)
These PY Series is a group of relay sockets and accessories, such as DIN rail sockets, PCB or solder sockets, relay to socket hold-down clips, socket mounting plates, etc., for the MY and LY series relays.
SS Series (1 Kit)

These SS Series, are economical subminiature snap action switches, that offer long service lifes (30 million operations minimum). All models are free from overtravel restrictions, and permit easy setti...

V Series (1 Kit)
Omron's V Series are popular General Purpose Snap Action Switches, suitable for Long Service Life, 10 to 15 Amps Applications.
XB (1 Kit)
The XB Series is a FPC (Flexible Printed Cable) SMT connector with a very small 0.4mm (.016") Pitch.
XF2J (3 Kits)
The SF2J Series is a FPC (Flexible Printed Cable) connector with a very small 0.5mm (.020") pitch and of the vertical forward terminal slidelock SMT connector style.
XF2L (3 Kits)
The XF2L Series is a FPC (Flexible Printed Cable) connector with a very small 0.5mm (.020") pitch and of the lower contact slidelock SMT connectory style.
XF2M (2 Kits)
Omron’s new XF2M flexible printed circuit connector uses a double-sided contact structure to reduce component size 27%. The shorter body (29.1mm for the 50-pin connector) is only 5.9mm deep with slide...
XG4 (12 Kits)
The XG4 Series is a FCC(Flat Cable Connector) of the popular 2.54mm (.100") Pitch, but Saves 24% of Space.
XG5 (5 Kits)
The XG5 Series is an IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector) of the popular 2.54mm (.100") pitch, but up to 3 Amps maximum.
XN2 (4 Kits)
The XN2 Series is a discrete wire connector with the small 2mm (.079") pitch, ideal for connecting sensors.
XS2 (2 Kits)
The XS2 Series is a Round Water-resistant (M12) Connector that is compact and satisfies IP67 (IEC60529) requirements and ensure a 94V-0 fire retardant rating.
The Water-Proof “M12 Style” connectors feature Smartclick™, a one-touch bayonet locking system that enables connection with just 1/8th of a turn. They are available with screw, sol...