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For site related questions please email us at If you have a question regarding how to order a kit, please contact an Authorized Distributor below.

Authorized Distributor: Phone Number: Website:
All American1.800.573.2727 - Toll Free
Allied Electronics1.800.433.5700 - Toll Free
Brill Electronics1.800.845.3427 - Toll Free
Digi-Key1.800.344.4539 - Toll Free
Future Electronics1.800.FUTURE1 - Toll Free
Master Distruibutors1.888.4.RELAYS - Toll Free
Mouser Electronics1.800.346.6873 - Toll Free
NEDCO Electronics1.800.605.2323 - Toll Free
Newark1.800.463.9275 - Toll Free
Relay Specialties1.800.526.5376 - Toll Free
Taylor Industrial Electronics1.414.365.6335 (WI)
1.651.452.8220 (MN)
TTI Inc.1.800.CALL.TTI(225.5584) - Toll Fre