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Kit Part Number: 231-1006

Input Voltage Driven PhotoMOS Relays Kit

Product Type:Relays
Solution:Optical Isolation
Series:PhotoMOS Relays
Application:Data Communications, Game Machines, Industrial Machines, Medical Equipment, Office Equipment, Railway, Robots, Security Systems, Telecommunications, Traffic [see all]
Number of Pieces: 15 Pieces
RoHS: Yes
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Kit Datasheet: 231-1006 pdf
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$133.00 USD

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Product Highlights

PhotoMOS, Panasonic's brand of semiconductor relays, have LED as an input with MOSFET for an output. PhotoMOS relays help realize high-performance and small-footprint equipment. Panasonic Electric Works offers a wide range of PhotoMOS relays ideal for measurement, telecommunication, security and industrial control equipment.


Features and Benefits

  • Various package styles
  • Slim and high capacity
  • AC/DC dual use
  • Built-in input resistor for mounting efficiency
  • 1.25A continuous load current



  • Railway
  • Traffic
  • Robots
  • Industrial Machines
  • Office Equipment
  • Telecommunications
  • Security Systems
  • Game Machines
  • Data Communications
  • Medical Equipment


Form Factor1 Form A, 4 Form A
Leakage Current1µA, 10nA, 10µA
Load Current0.1A, 0.2A, 0.5A, 1A, 2A
Load Voltage40V, 60V, 100V, 200V, 250V, 400V, 600V
Package SizeDIP8-pin, DIP6-pin, DIP4-pin, SIL4-pin

Bill of Materials

P/NQty In KitDescriptionImageDatasheetProduct
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AQS221FR2S1RF SOP 4 Form A CxR10 Voltage Sensitive RelayAQS221FR2SPDFmore infocheck inventory
AQV253H1HE 1 Form A PhotoMOS RelayAQV253HPDFmore infocheck inventory
AQV254H1HE 1 Form A RelayAQV254HPDFmore infocheck inventory
AQW216EH1GU 2 Form A PhotoMOS RelayAQW216EHPDFmore infocheck inventory
AQY212FG2S1GU SOP 1 Form A High Capacity Voltage-sensitive RelayAQY212FG2SPDFmore infocheck inventory
AQY216EH1GU-E 1 Form A RelayAQY216EHPDFmore infocheck inventory
AQY221N2S1RF SOP 1 Form A CxR10 RelayAQY221N2SPDFmore infocheck inventory
AQZ102D1Power 1 Form A Voltage Sensitive DC Type RelayAQZ102DPDFmore infocheck inventory
AQZ104D1Power 1 Form A Voltage Sensitive DC Type RelayAQZ104DPDFmore infocheck inventory
AQZ105D1Power 1 Form A Voltage Sensitive DC Type RelayAQZ105DPDFmore infocheck inventory
AQZ107D1Power 1 Form A Voltage Sensitive DC Type RelayAQZ107DPDFmore infocheck inventory
AQZ202D1Power 1 Form A Voltage Sensitive AC/DC Type RelayAQZ202DPDFmore infocheck inventory
AQZ204D1Power 1 Form A Voltage Sensitive AC/DC Type RelayAQZ204DPDFmore infocheck inventory
AQZ205D1Power 1 Form A Voltage Sensitive AC/DC Type RelayAQZ205DPDFmore infocheck inventory
AQZ207D1Power 1 Form A Voltage Sensitive AC/DC Type RelayAQZ207DPDFmore infocheck inventory

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