SlimSeal SSL

SlimSeal SSL
SlimSeal SSL connectors are low profile, single-row connectors developed for indoor and outdoor LED lighting applications.  These connectors provide low power, sealed solutions for free hanging, wire-to-wire interconnects and for robust, stable electrical and mechanical wire-to-board connections used in solid state lighting.
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Deluxe Kits: Variety of orientations, mounting styles or product families

Surface Mount and Through Hole Vertical and Right Angle Header, Plug, Receptacle and Cable Assembly Kit

TE, Wire-to-Wire, Wire-to-BoardFree Hanging, Off the Board, Sealed, LightingTYCO ELECTRONICS Products, SlimSeal SSLBillboard Lighting, Live Events Lighting, Wall Wash Lighting, Spot Lighting, Street Lighting, Tunnel Lighting, Flood Lighting, LED Strip Lighting, SSL (Solid State Lighting) [see all]Vertical and Right Angle Header, Plug and ReceptacleFree-Hanging, PCB, Surface Mount3.50mm (.138")2, 3, 420-18, 24-223.5A, 5A250VNo$244.00
Standard Kits: Single orientation, mounting style or product family