Omron's G Series Low Signal Current PCB Kit is Perfect for Low Signal Relay Projects
Posted by Sean Severson on Jun 20, 2011

I designed, along with the Omron product managers, the 667-02-01 Low Signal Relay kit ideal for use in telecommunications, security, and computer/peripheral equipment applications. The relays in this kit are PCB (Printed Circuit Board) through hole style relays, and have operating currents of 1A, 2A and 3 amps, with contact forms of SPDT (1 Form C ), DPDT (2 Form C). The kit offers relays of coil voltages of 5V, 12V and 24Vdc. Sealed relays components include: G5V, G6K, G6E and G6S relay series.

You'll find these and other Waldom Electronics kits at www.waldomkitscom/omron. The site is easy to use and navigate, allowing you to select kits by the following: Product Type, Solution, OMRON Series, Application, and Most-Popular. Once your kit is selected, a kit details page will be shown displaying the description, bill of materials, and links to related kits or products

To order additional Relay kits, access the kit details page of the specific kit, simply select the green “Check Inventory” tab, enter the kit part number, and select “Search”.  The site will then display the names of the authorized distributor(s), quantity on hand, current stock, etc.

These are just the types of kits engineers, technicians, schools, and home workshops can put to good use. Kits can only be purchased exclusively through the following Waldom Electronics Authorized Distributors: Allied Electronics, Arrow, Avent, Digikey, Future Electronics, Heilind, Master Distributors, Mouser, Newark Electronics, Online Components and TTI.

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