CPC Durable Connectors
CPC Durable Connectors
Posted by Sean Severson on Jun 27, 2011

I remember the ease of use of these AMP CPC (Circular Plastic Connector) wire-to-wire twist connectors on the ultra-sonic welders, disconnecting the controller from the welder with a quick twist and pull, from the panel mount on the back of the welder. This was mostly signal wires in this application, it was the CPC Series 1 group, but other units could just as easily be using the CPC Series 4 group, which has both signal and power style terminals. CPC has removable contacts and replaceable coupling rings to make field repair easy.

For fairly high power applications, I think the CPC Series 3 connectors work great. With the POWERBAND terminal contacts, these CPC connectors can handle up to 50 amps.

The other feature I really like about the CPC connectors is having the different shell sizes. If you want only 9 positions (wires), the small size 11 works nicely, but if more is needed, then you have the bigger diameter CPC shell sizes. CPC positions range from 3 to 63 and the shell sizes are 11 to 37, in all plastic or metal. Plus, there are the keying plugs if not all positions are used. This is especially useful for the sealed CPC connectors as in CPC Series 5 or Series 1. The CPC line includes accessories to complete the cable or panel assembly process such as cable clamps and boots, keying plugs, and sealing caps. I prefer the sealing caps for the panel mounted receptacles when a unit with it is shelved, while another unit is being used (or sent out for repairs).

If the shell size needs to be smaller than the size 11, then I use the Miniature CPC (which makes use of the Mini-Universal-MATE-N-LOK terminals, and Sealed to IP-67) or Micro CPC connectors.

The CPC connectors can be ordered for either gender, reverse or standard. For safety applications, when one does not want the panel mount connector to have more exposed terminals, one can order reverse parts, which would then be the square flange receptacle housing the female terminals and the plug housing the male pin terminals. Standard gender CPC connectors have the receptacle housing the male pin terminals and the plug housing the female terminals.

I designed, along with the TE product manager, a CPC male pin and female socket terminals only kit no. 2110839-1, to aid in using a variety of terminals for most Series 1 Connectors.

You'll find these and other Waldom Electronics kits at www.productkits.com. The site is easy to use and navigate, allowing you to select kits by the following: type, connector family, application, and most-popular. Once your kit is selected, a kit details page will be shown displaying the description, bill of materials, and links to related kits or products.

To order additional CPC Connector kits, access the kit details page of the specific kit, simply select the green “Check Inventory”, enter the kit part number, select “Search” which will then display the name of the authorized distributor(s), quantity on hand, current stock, etc.

These are just the types of kits engineers, technicians, schools, and home workshops can put to good use. Kits can only be purchased exclusively through the following Waldom Electronics Authorized Distributors: Allied Electronics, Arrow, Avent, Digikey, Future Electronics, Heilind, Master Distributors, Mouser, Newark Electronics, Online Components and TTI.

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