RAYCHEM Offers the Perfect Mate for Sealing Solutions
RAYCHEM Offers the Perfect Mate for Sealing Solutions
Posted by Meny Espinoza on Jun 20, 2011

When I first saw the technology and capabilities of the TE Connectivity RAYCHEM Tinel-Lock Adapters I was so impressed that I wanted to kit these products so it would be available for everybody to experience its wonderful abilities. Offering high-performance sealing and strain relief in a wire management application, RAYCHEM Tinel-Lock adapter kits are perfect for many industries such as aerospace, marine and mass transit.

Tinel-Lock adapters are generated with a smart descriptive number to meet your required needs. TE Connectivity allows you to generate a custom Tinel-Lock adapter with the option in choosing the adapter family, material, finish, angle, order number, entry size, and ring designator. When I designed these kits I added the Tinel-Lock ring attached and unattached to give the option to all you kinesthetic learners a hands-on experience in physically heat shrinking the ring on to the Tinel-Lock adapter.

The Tinel-Lock ring is made from a special shape memory metal that shrinks uniformly when heated. They are also marked with thermochromic paint, which changes color when the correct installation temperature is reached. The Tinel-Lock ring is used to terminate copper cable braid directly onto the rear of the adapter, which is why I also included the braid sock in the kits so you can witness the braid sock and Tinel-Lock ring technology all in one adapter. The braid-sock is constructed from tinned copper wire and has a handling characteristic that enables it to be pulled down onto a wide range of cable diameters.

If you are looking to use Tinel-Lock adapters for your business, I would suggest looking into kit no. 1-2110842-0 for a broad representation of parts within the family.

You'll find these and other Waldom Electronics kits at www.productkits.com. The site is easy to use and navigate, allowing you to select kits by the following: Product Type, Solution, TE Brand, Application, Industry and Most-Popular. Once your kit is selected, a kit details page will be shown displaying the description, bill of materials, and links to related kits or products.

To order additional Tinel-Lock Adapter kits, access the kit details page of the specific kit, simply select the green “Check Inventory”, enter the kit part number, select “Search” which will then display the name of the authorized distributor(s), quantity on hand, current stock, etc.

These are just the types of kits engineers, technicians, schools, and home workshops can put to good use. Kits can only be purchased exclusively through the following Waldom Electronics Authorized Distributors: Allied Electronics, Arrow, Avent, Digikey, Future Electronics, Heilind, Master Distributors, Mouser, Newark Electronics, Online Components and TTI.

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