Take Control of Relay Situations
Take Control of Relay Situations
Posted by Sean Severson on Jun 20, 2011

I designed, along with Crydom product managers, the MC Series 997280 MCTC Control Relay kit for development solutions. The kit contains two easy-to-set-up and use temperature control relays: one good for temperatures between (100 - 500)°F (38 - 260)°C and the other (300 - 700)°F (149 - 371)°C. The MCTC is ideal for temperature control users that do not require multiple built-in options, displays and functions that will never be used. The 50 amp controller, part no. MCTC2450JLA-E and the 90 amp controller, MCTC2490KHA-E, are of the familiar hockey puck package with status LEDs and simple connections of three groups: control, thermocouple and output.

As with many of our Crydom kits, it comes with 100% Grease-Free Thermal Pad TP01 and the newer Heat Sink HS251 products. This is the only Crydom kit containing a DC power supply (12 Volt).

You'll find these and other Waldom Electronics kits at www.crydomkits.com. The site is easy to use and navigate, allowing you to select kits by the following: Product Type, Solution, Crydom Family/Series, Application, and Most-Popular. Once your kit is selected, a kit details page will be shown displaying the description, bill of materials, and links to related kits or products.

To order additional MCTC Control Relay kits, access the kit details page of the specific kit, simply select the green “Check Inventory”, enter the kit part number, select “Search” which will then display the name of the authorized distributor(s), quantity of hand, current stock, etc.   

These are just the types of kits engineers, technicians, schools, and home workshops can put to good use. Kits can only be purchased exclusively through the following Waldom Electronics Authorized Distributors: Allied Electronics, Arrow, Avent, Digikey, Future Electronics, Heilind, Master Distributors, Mouser, Newark Electronics, Online Components and TTI.

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